Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple To Introduce iOS App Rentals In iOS 5

Since Apple has released the latest beta of iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 last week, we have seen couple of leaks and new references to the new iTunes and Apple upcoming devices. Most recently, we have heared that eagle eye folks have found the iPhone 4S reference in the coding strings of the latest iTunes.

The discovery of the iPhone 4S reference led us to think that there will not be an iPhone 5 in this fall, but Apple will announce the low cost iPhone 4. According to the new coding string discoverey it is reported that now Apple allows you to rent the iOS apps for your devices.

Till now we can only rent the movies, songs and podcasts on the iTunes Store, but since the first beta release of iOS 5, its been rumored several times that Apple will introduce new rental features, and now according to new coding string in iTunes 10.5 Beta 9, we will now rent iOS Apps for our iDevices, and they will be deleted automatically from your device after the expiration of time period. Below is the string showed up

iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 really has a big hole. The new iOS app rental system seems to be interesting, because according to our knowledge this system will bring the all apps to the users who not able to purchase the costy apps, also if Apple ever announced this system than there will surely be a new tracking system in the iTunes, which may also prevent the app piracy in the App Store so App Rentals will be a big hit too.

Sorurce: The Tech Erra; Via 9To5Mac