Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple To Implement 3D Kinect Like Gestures To iPhone & iPad

Apple has been working hard from the last couple of years and now become one of the word’s manufacturers who actively revolutionizing our way of interacting with mobile phones and the rest of other technology gadgets. Before the introduction of iPhone touch screen, there were a large number of manufacturers who produced smartphones with touch screen UI, but none of them work like Apple iPhone.

3d gestures on iPad
After introducing an elegant way of interacting with touch screen smartphones, Apple comes up again with the amazing Siri – an intelligent personal assistant that shocked the world with its amazing performance on the device. Apple totally changed the way of interacting with devices once again with the introduction of Siri on iPhone 4S.

However, it appears that Apple is not going to stop its mission of revolutionizing the world with its inventions. A new patent application registered last week in the database of USTPO, which suggests that Apple is moving on some new technology that allows users to control their devices without even touching them, through 3D real moving gestures. The USTPO published a patent application from Apple earlier this week entitled “real-time video Time Video Process Control Using Gestures.
3D Gestures On iPhone & iPad
It seems that Apple looking for a technology related to Xbox Kinect box, which is based on the moving gestures of the body.  The process of implementing this type of technology to iOS devices may involve the front-facing camera of the device and made it to record & read the non-touch commands of the users. However, at least at this time, we can surely claim that this type of technology not going to come on the devices soon, as we are years away from this type of technology. However, we can at least enjoy the bits of Apple RD (Research and Development).