Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Apple To Ditch Samsung For The Production Of “A6 Chips” In 2012

There is already a lot of heat on the Apple lawsuit on Samsung and calling them the Copiers of their iPhone devices with their “Galaxy” series, and about the acquiring of unreleased products. According to the today’s report it’s clear that Apple is in the full power and start making more distance from its rival Samsung with the production of “A6 Processor Chip” in 2012, it is reported that iPhone maker going for some new chipmaker for the manufacturing of its custom ARM chip. Many semi conductor industry sources believe that Apple is going to chose the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to develop its next generation processor chip “A6” in 2012.


The current A5 chip which we have found in the iPad 2 is developed by the engineers of Samsung on a 45nm process, but the rumor report suggest that Apple and TSMC going to develop next generation processor A6 on the base of 28nm process.It is already reported that Apple to buy some $7.8 billion worth components from the Samsung this year.