Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple To Close The Way Of Saving SHSH Blobs, No More iOS Downgrades

Two days ago, we have reported that Apple released the iOS 5 beta 2 and iTunes 10.5 beta 2, after the release of both tools jailbreak hackers team start their work to check the progress of Apple, what type of changes they make in the latest beta. In the first few hours we didn’t get any serious news which may be considered as a bad news, but now after the today’s tweet of MuscleNerd, the key member of iPhone Dev Team, which says that Apple has stepped up its first move against the saving of SHSH blobs and illegal downgrades to older versions after the closing of legitimate tokens, he said that restoring to old firmware with saved SHSH blobs are nearing to an end.

ios5 shsh

Uh oh…the days of restoring with saved SHSH blobs are nearing an end 🙁 Apple is getting much smarter with the APTicket

I don’t think that there is still dumb users reading this who don’t know about the SHSH blobs and it’s work, well again I am telling you, saved SHSH blobs allows users to downgrade their iOS devices to the older iOS version. So according to the view of MuscleNerd and all other dev’s, Apple is about to made some strict changes in the feature betas of iOS 5 or GM (Gold Master) build of iOS 5, which totally fix the hole of saving SHSH blobs and prevent users from downgrading to lower iOS version.


Don’t lose your hopes, MuscleNerd has done a brief write up on this issue and on the end of write up, he cheers up the folks, so it’s mean that they will come up with new solution, but according to him he said this is not the correct time to work on it and discuss it any more until Apple not release the GM of iOS 5.