Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple To Build A New 31 Megawatt Data Center In Oregon

Offering cloud services to million of customers is not a cup of tea, and especially when your are ruler of the industry and every next person is interested to buy out your service to facalitate himself. Earlier this year, Apple has introduced the iCloud in the replacement of its popular MobileMe. In the iCloud, Apple has offered free cloud syncing of device data to the Apple’s data center and than made it available on all the other connected devices. Apple has also introduced the PhotoStream; iTunes Match to the world’s most-wanted community. iPhone, iPad users are known for their internet usage and surfing, as the Apple has revolutionized the era with its iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and shows a new look of the web.

It appears Apple has been working hard to compete with the demands of the users data center, and investing a large amount of its money in developing the biggest data centers around the globe, where they could easily manage and store the queries of their devices users. The new report from the Oregon Live has claimed that Apple is looking for a new data center on the land of 160-acres in Prineville, Oregon and just next to the Facebook’s data center. According to the report of land reporter, Apple has time of 27 days, until the end of month to settle a deal about their data center, whether they are going to build a data center with 31-megawatt or not.

Earlier, this year, Apple has also invested around $1 billion in the opening of their new data center in the heart of North Carolina, which powers the company’s newly introduced cloud service named iCloud. Apple has been constantly expanding their cloud network to meet with the demands of users.