Wed. May 25th, 2022

Apple To Block Developer Access To UDID’s In iOS 5

Today Apple released the 6th Beta of their upcoming iOS 5. This Beta release was not same as the previous ones. In this Beta Apple made some changes for the Developers which was noted by TechCrunch. Apple has notified the Developers that it is deprecating access to the UDID (UniqueIdentifierID) which is a Alpha Numeric ID for each iDevice.

Below is the note given out to developers by Apple.

Apple has recommend the developers that they should start to make their own UDID. One Industry C.E.O States that:

“I guarantee Apple will not stop using UDID,” predicts one mobile industry CEO. If Apple does continue to use UDID for itself but denies it to developers that would be an “extremely lopsided change.” It would give Game Center and iAds yet one more advantage over competing third-party services.”

It is also noted that UDID’s are a Security Threat as marketers who want h pylori treatment and advertisers because they could gather your personal data through different apps.