Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple To Bid 15 Million iPad Units To Turkish Schoolchildren

We have already seen Apple’s interest in education field, as they have offered many deals to students and also higher education institutes; recently they have launched a new low cost version of Mac. Today Bloomberg reporting that Apple is in on the way to bid a huge number of its popular tablet device among the all other technology giants to Turkish schoolchildren’s in the time frame of next four years. According to the report, Microsoft and Intel is also thinking to bid some technology in the project “Faith”.

 Apple officials told [Turkish Trade Minister Zafer] Caglayan during his visit to the U.S. that the Cupertino, California-based maker of smart devices may also decide to use some Turkish manufacturers to make some peripheral equipment such as covers, earphones for its iPad and iPhone models, Caglayan said at a news conference with Turkish reporters in Seattle, according to the Ankara-based agency.

Recently in the past, Turkey Government Official also offers Apple to start production of their tablet in their country; Apple has already shipped more than 9 million iPads in the second quarter of the year and now on the way to provide huge number of 15 million iPads in the time span of next four years.