Sat. May 28th, 2022

Apple To Become World Top Mobile Processor Maker This Year

Apple has already a World’s Top Mobile vendor title, and it has already won this title two times from different rivals, and still now carrying the same title on its portfolio with a larger number of sales in a single quarter. Apple had recently beaten the Samsung with its massive sales of the iPhone 4S in fourth quarter of the 2011, and still carries the same title badge with million numbers of iPhone sale in the single quarter, but what do you think about the Apple beating Intel to achieve the World’s Top Mobile Processor Maker?

Including the massive number of devices sale, Apple is already seeding its own produced mobile processors in the market with advanced technology, and last year it was about to beat Intel in the race of world’s top mobile processor maker, but left the title back to the Intel due to some numbers. In the 2011, Apple reportedly shipped more than 176 million mobile processors, including its devices, which accounting for 13.5 percent of the market, while Intel served around 14 percent micro-processor in the market, and trailed Intel by only 5 million units, but this year it is reported that Apple going to blow its chart with massive sales of its devices.

Apple has already a number of devices scheduled to come out, including the old devices’ new updates. Apple has planned to ship the iPad 3 with amazing numbers, and as well as the iPhone 5 is about to release in the market with total new look, and hardware aspects. The analysts have already expected that Apple is about to make a new record of mobile device’s sales this year, and as well might sell its 100th million iPad unit this year with iPad 3 launch.

Analysts predict by looking into the Apple’s tablet market in the world that the sales of iPad will reach the 326 million in 2015, and with these sales, Apple could surpass the whole PC market with its single iPad device. Undoubtedly, Apple is going really good with the iPad series, but still it has a large number of rivals too, like Samsung, RIM, and other products.