Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Apple To Announce iPhone 5 On WWDC 2012 In June

iPhone 5 is expected to launch at the Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), which is scheduled for June 2012. According to the new report from The Commercial Times, the Daiwa Securities claimed recently that Apple would release its iPhone 5 on WWDC in June 2012, and the device will carry the “glass to glass” touch panel technology, the same thing we are hearing from several days. However, the analyst openly claims that Apple is looking forward to launch its iPhone 5 at WWDC (2012).

iPhone 5 launch in summer is not hinted in the first report, as most of the sources already speculated before this report regarding the iPhone 5 launch in summer 2012. So the report simply carries the same information regarding the launch of the device, nothing new in the market. Apple usually selects its WWDC event to introduce new iPhone in the market, but last year the Cupertino Company broke its tradition by missing out the event to unveil its new product and selected to launch the iPhone 4S two or more months later at the time of their music related events.

However, this year the company is reportedly back on track and will unveil its iPhone 5 somewhere in June at WWDC event. The official dates for the WWDC 2012 conference have not yet announced in the public, but according to the most recently finding of the leak information. Apple is about to hold its WWDC on June 10th-15th. Moscone’s event calendar has those corresponding dates blocked off for a “Corporate Meeting” which typically acts as a placeholder for WWDC.
iPhone 5 is for surely getting the identical changes this time, and will carry the latest A6 quad-core processor just like the iPad 3 which is rumored to launch in early March. iPhone 5 is said to be carrying the dual-baseband Qualcomm chip, along with 4G LTE network chip.