Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Apple’s New 27-Inch Thunderbolt Display Gets Ripped By iFixIt

In the second week of September, The new Thunderbolt displays started to ship to Apple Store. Then in the third week, Apple started to ship the Thunderbolt displays to its users. Now in the fourth week, Apple’s New 27″ Thunderbolt Display got ripped by people over iFixIt. If you the time line of the Thunderbolt Display, it is pretty good.

Time Line includes the time from shipment till the Display got ripped off. It was only a matter of weeks. The weeks were in consecutive way. Isn’t that amazing?.iFixIt people are not like against Apple or something like that. They tear down things to see and show people what the manufacturer is making and what is new inside the machine.

Apple’s new 27″ Thunderbolt Tear Down revealed that it had now computer inside it. Then how come the Thunderbolt is working?

No doubt that the new Thunderbolt are using the same 27″ panel as recent iMacs, held onto the aluminum case with the help of heavy-duty suction cups. iFixIt tear down findings revealed that the board had a lot of chips in its surroundings.

“both sides of the logic board are packed with enough chips that it’s hard to believe there’s no computer inside this display.”

The tear down also revealed that the new 27″ Thunderbolt Displays got an amazing sound system.Cultofmac notes that:

iFixIt found some massive speaker enclosures near the side edges of the Display, and ultimately managed to find a 49-Watt 2-speaker sound system and a miniature subwoofer inside.

If you are really interested in the tear down of the new Thunderbolt, so you can go here and see the rest of the tear down pictures.

Now all we have to see that how will the upcoming iMacs will be like?