Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Apple Testing The 4G LTE Components For The iPhone 5 [Report]

Besides the iPhone 5 larger screen rumor, it is now also reported by the investment firms Barclays that Apple is exploring the market with testing over the couple of different hardware to test with its upcoming iPhone 5, and the component suppliers have already submitted their components to the Apple for the production of the next-generation iPhone 5. The report comes from the research note of the investment firm Barclays, on which the company stated that Apple had been playing with different 4G LTE technology chip standards and testing them with its upcoming iPhone 5 to figure out the best technology for the upcoming iPhone.


The sixth-generation iPhone 5 was already rumored from last year to be carrying a 4G LTE networking chip, but the claims of the sources had no proof on the exact arrival of the LTE technology in the iPhone, but now after this year’s iPad 3 launch on which Apple powered the 4G LTE technology, it is highly expected that the upcoming iPhone 5 would also be carrying the same technology. According to the report, Apple is expected to be playing around with Qualcomm’s “MDM9615” LTE chip for the iPhone 5 that supports both voice and data connections on high speed 4G networks, and this chip apparently a bit changed from the iPad 4G LTE chip.

The report also adds that the upcoming iPhone 5 will be a world iPhone like its old generation iPhone 4S, which means there will be a single model of iPhone 5 with both CDMA / GSM dual basebands like the earlier iPhone 4S. However, the arrival of 4G network into the iPhone 5 is still sketchy, as some users think that Apple will delay the proper integration of the 4G network into the iPhone 5 because of battery issues, as the iPhone 4S scores’ really disappointing battery life time for the users.