Fri. May 27th, 2022

Apple Television To Be Called “iPanel” Expected To Launch In 2012

We personally know how the analyst reports bugs the industry most of the time with their predictions and expectations regarding several growing companies. Just in case of Apple, every other analyst climbs into the headline with its skeptical claims regarding the upcoming product or the overall company progress in the on-going year. A new report just came from an analyst, Peter Misek with Jefferies who claimed that Apple’s most rumored HDTV product will not be called “iTV”, instead the company will brand it as “iPanel”, and moreover, the product will shortly enter in the massive production level somewhere in May of 2012 to follow up the launch of a device in the Q4 of 2012.

iPanel HDTV

Apple has been rumored from several months to be engaged in the testing, and production of the HDTV television box with advanced protocols and features to revolutionize the world with its another product in the market. Apple’s so-called “iPanel” is rumored to be featuring a processor with an ability to be act like a gaming console, web browser, intelligent sync capabilities, and the most astonishing addition of Siri virtual assistant in the television.

However, the name “iTV” is connected with Apple from several last years, and we have also heard from close sources that Apple is working on the device to make it more powerful and feature-full than user’s expectations. No doubt on Apple’s work on its iOS devices, it is believed that Apple might introduce its new Apple HDTV product called “iPanel” in a market soon with having a price tag of around $1500.

The analyst believes that Foxconn and Sharp will play a key role in the production of this new Apple HDTV product, as Apple coupled of on-going lawsuits with Samsung, and undoubtedly will never want to reveal its secret technology to Samsung, because Samsung already had something similar to it but it appears the Samsung device is not quite good to make it ways to top-charts.