Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple To Hold “Tech Talk World Tour” To Discuss iOS 5 On November 2nd

Apple has already launched every other upcoming thing which is rumored to launch this year, so what’s next? It appears today that Apple is now going to hold the “Tech Talk World Tours” in the beginning of next month. Apple planned to target the newer version of iOS, which they have launched last week ahead of the iPhone 4S launch with the deep integration of iCloud.

Apple to continue the tradition of the Tech Talk World Tours by kicking out the event for the iOS 5 and iCloud on November 2nd in Germany, the tour is planned to end in Austin.  Apple has planned to discuss the many upfront features of the latest iOS 5 and iCloud with developers from all over the nation. The conference described by Apple:

 We want to help iOS developers take their apps to the next level using the exciting new technologies in iOS 5. Our team of experts will visit nine cities around the world, covering advanced coding and design techniques that you can take advantage of in your apps. Since Tech Talks are highly technical, it’s important that you have experience programming with the iOS SDK and have an app actively in development or on the App Store.

Today earlier morning, Apple has sent the announcement emails to the developers with invitation to come and discuss the iOS 5, this year Apple will hold this event in Seattle, New York, Austin, Texas, Berlin, London, Rome, Beijing, Seoul and Sao Paulo. As mentioned by the Apple, the event invitation will be opened for all, so you don’t have to pay for anything to get in yourself in the event. Apple has also publishes the complete schedule information about the event and even posted on their website about the agenda of the Tech Talk World Tour 2011.


It seems that Apple will heavily target the iOS 5 and iCloud integration with all of its iOS devices and with the Mac OS and Windows PC, as they have already announced that more than 20 million of users have already signed up for the iCloud with in the first week and more than 25 million of iOS devices has updated to iOS 5.