Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Teams Up With Teach For America, Donates More Than Thousands Of iPads (Report)

Apple teamed up with Teach For America, a volunteer humanitarian service program which is a volunteer program that targets College Students to teach low-income youth for two years of time. The program basically consists of social service for those people who belong to low-income families.

The iPads donated were the part of an Apple initiated-Public service program. The Apple initiated-public program allowed users of iPad 1, who updated to iPad 2, could donate their iPad 1 to teachers in the low income communities.

The amount of iPads collected are not to up to date, but how ever the record shown shown by Mactrast states that 9,000 iPads were collected in the month of August.

It’s not clear how many iPads apple collected through the program, but in August, more than 9,000 Teach for America volunteers were offered an iPad 1 to help them in their efforts.

The connection of Teach For America is explained by fortune in its report.

“Teach for America has a connection with Apple through Steve Jobs’ family. His wife, Laurene Powell, sits on its board of directors.”

The iPads use by Teachers are for teaching the student, improving their performance and as an incentive for them. The kid who shows up good performance is allowed to use the iPad for some time. So if you got an old iPad and it is of no use, so you can donate it to Teach For America and help the low-income youth to get educated. Your simple effort and donation can make some ones life a better to live.