Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Targeted By Officials Over Misleading New iPad “4G” Advertisement

Just a day ago, we have reported you that Apple seems to be pretty unlucky in Australia region, as the country government decided to attack back on Apple with their new iPad “4G” advertising in the country. The new iPad is indeed a 4G LTE network capable devices to US and Canada carriers, but still a 3G device for rest of international carriers. The consumer commission around the world is believed that Apple’s aggressive “4G” advertising on New iPad misleading customers to purchase the new device, while it is only capable of utilizing 3G & HSPA+ network across the world.

Australian Consumers reported that they were planning to file a case against Apple over 4G LTE misleading advertising in the country, and seeks for refund to the customers who purchased the device right after the launch of the device under the term of “4G”. However, after receiving a quick note from the media, Apple offers to refund to customers in Australia, who purchased the device for 4G LTE network, and now they feel that they are misguided by Apple’s advertising in the country.

On the other side, different reports confirm us that other regulators from all over the world are also planning the same move to force Apple over its aggressive advertising of new iPad as “4G” while it is just a 3G capable for their home networks. Several regulators in European countries are meeting to bring Apple down in the court to force Cupertino Company to change its advertising campaigns and issue refunds to the users in their countries. In addition to the European countries’ movement about the new iPad, we have heard that similar situation is goings-on in the United Kingdom over the misleading advertising of new iPad all over the world.

However, the UK has strict regulations of advertising claims, and they have already banned out an advertisement back in 2008 regarding the iPhone, and flagged it as misleading advertisement.