Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

Apple What You Meant By “Late-2011” iMac Model? New iMac Coming

On the base of new day, new rumor news. We have again something interesting from you, may be harder for you to believe, but really according to the noted information of 9to5mac reader which has found an interesting part in the Apple’s New ThunderBolt Display support documents. Originally the documents is up to provide all of the basic information about the product along with the compatible guidance, but it seems that this compatible chart hides something in it. The chart suggest that there will be another refreshed model of iMac in late 2011.

The interesting part is the document shows that the new ThunderBolt display is compatible with the Apple’s mid-2011 released iMac and late-2011 iMac mode, the interesting bit of the news is Apple has not yet announced the late iMac 2011 model. Apple has only launches the education-focused low cost iMac back in the August, but what Apple really mean to the late-2011 iMac model? It means that we will see an iMac update soon in couple of months from Apple