Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Takes Action Against The New Malware For OS X By Updating Anti-Malware Tool

Few days we reported about the new Trojan which disguised its self as a PDF file and lets you open it and once it is opened, your MAC OS X gets affected. This is not the first time you will be hearing  about the OS X Trojan from us, if you are a regular reader at FreakGeeks, so we reported about a Flash Malware attack made to OS X. Later on it was removed by Apple with a Security Update.

The latest Malware attack some how got failed due to function properly. The PDF File when opened, used to show something written in Chinese when translated, so found out that the document included some “offensive political statements” in the file.

The Hackers were so unlucky that they couldn’t communicate with the file properly and couldn’t make the file work as they wished. But some Malicious activity can be involved in the file.

Before the hackers could do something to revive the Malware again, Apple updated its Malware Definitions for Snow Leopard and Lion.

The Malware battle between Hackers and Apple will go on, how ever CNET
found out another Trojan Horse named as OSX/flashback.A. The Trojan is similar as the previous Trojan which showed up like an Adobe installer.

Unlike the previous Flash Trojan (called Bash/QHost.WB), which changed one file on the system, this new Trojan is a bit more complex and first deactivates network security features, then installs a dyld library that will run and inject code into applications that the user is running. The Trojan will also try to send personal information and machine-specific information to remote servers.

To be on the safe side, users are recommended not to Download any type of Flash installer files  from Google or any other website a part from Adobe’s official Website. Stay away from unknown Abode PDF Files also.