Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Apple Take Over’s “AirDrop” Trademark Rights From Urban AirShip

We have talked about many new features of Mac OS X Lion, and AirDrop is a new feature and was one of them, which allow users to transferring files to any device connected to your Wi-Fi Network, but here was a little glitch in the name of feature because Apple didn’t own the trademark rights on this term.

Originally this term is registered by Urban Airship. Inc, who has the right of this phrase and filled the trademark last year, to expand their Android based services which allowed the distribution of promo codes of the app for giveaway purposes. According to the report by TUAW, AirDrop was recently dropped from the official website of Urban’s AirShip few weeks back. The report claims that, the trademark rights are transferred to the Apple Inc on June 9, with no further details of agreement and about the cost of the trademark rights.