Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Apple Surpasses 450,000 Apps In The App Store (Report)

A month ago Apple said that they got 425,000 Apps in the App Store, of which 100,000 were Apps for iPad only. Now after a month Apple claims that they just passed 450,000 Apps in the App Store.

According to Blogfire:

  • Key milestones: We now have about 403,000 iPhone apps (apps that can run on an iPhone, including Universal apps). 337,000 apps are iPhone-only, which of course can run on an iPad.
  • Universal apps (apps that can run on an iPad and iPhone) have reached 66,000
  • 114,000 iPad apps that are optimized for running on an iPad, which includes iPad specific apps (48,000 apps) and Universal apps (66,000).
  • 450,000+ apps = 337,000 iPhone-compatible apps + 114,000 iPad-optimized apps.
  • 25% of all apps are either Universal or iPad-only
  • The total number of apps ever published is 566,000. This includes apps that have been removed either by developers or Apple, apps that change owners and were recreated in a new account, etc.
  • There are nearly 100,000 app publishers, 98,713 to be exact. More than 100,000 publishers have published an app at some point (but some stopped developing or created a different publisher account).
  • The largest app publisher is Iceberg Reader. They mostly publish books (a special category of apps). They have published exactly 8,202 apps that are currently available on the App Store. They have published over 10,000 apps overall. By our informal count, they must have been coding for 96,239 consecutive hours (ok, we made that one up).
  • You can view here or below the last 10 apps that were published in the app store before we reached 450k apps. Note that some are only available in non-US App Stores. Congrats Motor Drag Race, you are likely the 450,000th app in the App Store.