Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

Apple Sued Samsung On Tablet Case Designs

Just like cat and dog fight, Apple and Samsung legal fight seems to be never end soon in the future. As, the both companies dragging each other to the court room with new patent infringement lawsuits around the globe. Most recently, Apple has failed to achieve its goal against Samsung, and the Korean giant had missed the chance to fire on the Cupertino company’s newly launched iPhone 4S sales in the world. The Korean company announced that they have discovered more than four patents, which has been infringed by Apple.

While answering to their claim, Apple has seemed to be on the fire and sends out the notice to Samsung and sued the Korean giant in Sydney, Australia, with claiming that the company’s phones and tablets utility accessories infringed their registered designs of the products. It seems to be no end of this fight, as the both companies have sued each other over infringement of each other patents in more than 40 lawsuits across the world.

However, there is no exact detail available yet on the patent infringements, that which type of patents has been infringed by Samsung this time. It appears that Apple has been talking about their Smart Cover patent infringement, as the Korean company also introduces its own Smart Cover clone with the name of “Smart Case” for the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1.

We have been seeing this legal fight from the last couple of months, on which we have found out that Samsung had infringed every other patent of Apple in making their products, and Apple had infringed few Wireless-related patents of the Samsung, but still both are fighting with each other.