Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Sued By New York Photographer For Using Copyrighted Image In iPhone Ad

Its not the first time that we found Apple in circle of lawsuits, but the latest one is a but bizarre. A female photographer from New York filled a case against Cupertino company “Apple” for only using one of her copyrighted photos in their an iPhone advertisement. Name of the photographer is “Taea Thale”, who took a picture of the band members of “She and Him”… a band that Apple featured in an advertisement last year for the promotion of iPhone 3GS.


Basically her’s photograph popup during the ad, when iPhone model runs the iLike app for finding local concert. When iLike accesses She and Him’s concert page, Thale’s photograph is displayed on the screen for a few seconds. And just for featuring hers photograph in advertisement, she is suing Apple for using hers copyrighted photograph.


According to hers lawyer, use of hers photograph in advertisement was unauthorized and illegal, as originally the photograph is only licensed to Merge Media for limited use in magazines and posters.