Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple Sued By 27,000 South Koreans For iOS Locationgate Issue

Since iOS locationgate problem appears we have seen Apple , Google and other companies has faced many legal actions against them from Government also from their loyal users, as we are taking about Apple at this time, few days back we hear that someone has filled a case against Apple in South Korea and in response to the case judge ruled Apple to pay him almost a one million ($930), but today Bloomberg reporting that Apple is now in big problem because 27,000 people has also filled the same case against the Apple for illegally accessing their location from their provided iOS device, as noted by the publication, people have filled this lawsuit against Apple in the hope to won a million from the super hottest company, by calculating the amount you can say that some group of people have case a lawsuit against with over $25 million fine.

Earlier this year some security firm has discovered that Apple iOS 4.x secretly recording complete log of locations and transferring this databases to the Apple’s secure server, and in response to this Apple claimed that this happened due to a bug in the iOS 4.3.2 and they have fixed the bug with a software update, but now it seems that users start targeting Apple in order to win some cash from them.