Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Apple Stores Soon Allow You To Self-Checkout Using Apple ID

Earlier, this month we have heard some rumors from different sources that Apple is soon going to introduce the couple of new features in its Official Retail Stores, firstly, the introduces a new service of the Online Apple Store which allows you to ship your online products to local Apple retail store, and then can pick up your device by visiting the store with the provided information by Apple.

Initially, the service is limited to few Apple retail stores, but the company has announced that they will surely roll out this feature to other stores too. It appears now Apple is preparing to give a new feature to their iOS Official Apple Store application, which already allows you to reserve your seat on Apple’s Genius Bar, and let you to reserve the product for yourself.  Apple reportedly working on a new system for its Apple Retail Stores along with its online stores around the globe. The sources claimed that Apple to introduce a way to users, which could allow them to purchase the devices on their retail stores using their Apple ID’s The new functionality will allow you to purchase physical goods using your Apple ID. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be emailed a receipt and can simply walk out of the store with your purchase without having to first try to commandeer the attention of a Store Employee.