Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Store Taking Off Their Gear From The Display Due To Riots Attack In UK

A day before suddenly riots break out in UK and started to destroy things. They burnt many shops out in just few hours and they made a huge loss to the owners. After seeing these type of consequences Apple Store has removed their Display from the front and moved the Display on the top floor.

You can see an Apple Store present in U.K has removed the display and shifted to the first floor. As noted by 9to5mac resellers are also getting their displays off from the front.

Above is the store in Canterbury,Kent.

As far as we know about the riots, the reason told is that U.K Police shot down some person without any reason. The reason can be different. What we heard was from news channels was the reason we mentioned above. If you live in U.K and got some more information about the Riots Breakout and got some pictures of Apple Stores, so feel free to send us pictures of the store and information on tip@freakgeeks.com.