Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Still Struggling With Samsung and LG On iPad 3 Retina Display

It appears that Apple is facing some difficulties with its LCD display suppliers for its iOS devices. It is reported that Apple has been working with Samsung and LG for the iPad 3 Retina Display screens but didn’t get any success in the project. Both of the suppliers facing production issues for the iPad 3 screens and the Apple’s massive demand of the Retina Display Screens. iPad 3 is planned to launch next year with the resolution of 2048 x 1536, sources claimed the couple of times in the past that Apple trying to fix the issue of production by playing with the volumes and its demand for the screens.

It is reported that both of the suppliers are already producing the maximum amount of LCD displays for Apple’s iOS devices, and could only produce the iPad 2 screen resolution screens at this time. According to a new report by CNET, it appears that Apple may again face issues next year with the production of Retina Display or could introduce a resolution of 1600 x1200 on iPad 3, but we believe that it won’t be going to happen because, if Apple ever introduced this resolution screen, they will create a big problem for the iOS apps developers to make their apps compatible with the new resolution.

It’s not the first time that we reported about the production issue of Retina Display, first analysts claim this year on the launch of iPad 2 that the device will carry the Retina Display but at the end, we found the device is only carries the normal resolution, after that it was expected by the high profile sources that Apple has already ready the iPad 3 for this year late launch, but they have pushed its launch to 2012 due to un availability of the Retina Displays.  If Apple didn’t find any solution over the Retina Display or introduces the new 1600 x 1200 resolution on iPad, they will counter their own tradition of doubling the display resolution by years.