Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Start Pushing Mac OS X Lion USB Sticks

Already updated your machine to Mac OS X Lion? Remember we have told you on launch of OS X Lion that Apple announced that they will issue Mac OS X Lion USB Sticks for those who are not able to download the heavy files of Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store or facing any issues with new type of OS X Lion recovery mode, which recovers your OS from the internet. Folks over Apple Care has just told 9to5mac that Apple has start providing OS X Lion USB sticks, and user can get them from Apple stock.


Apple has already announced the price of OS X Lion USB Stick, it will cost you around $69.99, the eagle eye members has also received the screenshot of internal panel of Apple Care, which shows that those user who failed to use Lion’s recovery tool can claim free USB stick from Apple Store.