Sun. May 16th, 2021

Apple Start Issuing Certifications To Component Suppliers For iPad 3

Before the launch of iPad 2, we heard from source that Apple may release 2 iPads this year, one iPad 2 and second iPad 3, this rumor floats almost a month on blogs, but after some time we got words from different sources that Apple will only release iPad 2 this year. So after the iPad 2, we are start getting heat from iPad 3 rumors day by day. Today while citing with sources DigiTimes claims that Apple has start issuing certifications this month to different components suppliers for to start readying components for the launch of iPad 3.

Radiant Opto-Electronics, is one of those supplier who selected by Apple to provide components, claims that it have received an industry required certification from Apple to start readying the component for iPad 3. Radiant Opto-Electronics selected to provide LED backlights units for the iPad 3. According to the several reports, iPad 3 rumored to reach the shelves of stores in 2012.