Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Apple Start Developing Flashback Removal Tools, Reaching ISP’s To Block Bot Network

Apple has already joined the party against the Flashback Trojan attack on half-million different Mac running machines all over the world. It seems that Apple has just begun moving aggressively against the exploit in the Java runtime which actually allowed the hackers to take over the Mac OS security with some deep holes in the service. Apple has already seeded around two quick updates to Java Runtime for Mac OS X Lion, and Snow Leopard users to fix the basic Java Runtime exploits, which opens your Mac machine to the deadly Flashback Trojan.

flashback trojan mac attack
However, the Apple has started its fight against the Flashback Trojan again silently without making any public presence regarding the issue. It is now reported that Apple has finally updated its Mac Support page about the Flashback Trojan attack on Mac OS running machines, and promises to soon launch a fix for the infected machines. Apple has just begun working on a new tool for the Mac OS infected machines to remove the Flashback completely from the machines, and double-check the security of Mac OS running machines again for the next attack.

In addition to the general development of a new tool against Flashback, it appears that Apple has been already in contact with several ISP’s around the world to trace down the Flashback botnet’s mask, and requests to put a hold on several domains, and network mediums to stop communicating the botnets with the original Flashback transmitting sources. Initially, it was reported by a research firm that Flashback was using Twitter on a very intelligent basis to communicate with master servers, and the servers broadcast commands through some special coded tweets over the Twitter.  Apple has already hit ISP’s with the number of domain names to block their internet access, while they are attempting to develop a new security tool for the Mac machines.