Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Apple To Offer Siri API’s Soon To Developers, Hiring Engineer For Siri UI

Apple has just opened its door and posted job listing on its website that they are looking for some high qualified engineers with an ability to play with their most demanded service of the iPhone 4S, and the most targeted service of Apple by hackers, since the launch of the iPhone 4S. The hiring of an engineer for Siri Ui improvement it’s not a big-bang news after all, the Siri is only available on one platform with a beta tag on it. So, its pretty obvious that Apple wants more workers to work on their newly introduced revolutionary service.

Here comes the point which forces us to bring this news some light on our channel. Apple’s job listing post for the Siri UI engineer comes up with an interesting tidbit about the Apple’s future plans for the Siri and its devices integration.  Apple clearly mentions in one of the portions of their job listing that they required an engineer who could meet up with the demand of the Siri API conversation with the several clients, here several clients represent the outside clients such as developer access to API’s for their applications.

We are looking for an engineer to join the team that implements the UI for Siri. You will primarily be responsible for implementing the conversation view and its many different actions. This includes defining a system that enables a dialog to appear intuitive, a task that involves many subtle UI behaviors in a dynamic, complex system. You will have several clients of your code, so the ability to formulate and support a clear API is needed.

The description of the job listing indicates that there will be API soon with numerous clients access on it. This shows us that outside developers will have access to the Siri API but before the launch of the API’s they want to mode them a bit friendly for the developers. Apple has currently inked deal with Yelp, Wolfram and Wikipedia to allow their data access for the Siri use, and soon it seems that it will be available for every developer in the world. On another side of the story, we can expect that Apple might be hiring UI engineers for Siri to port it on different devices such as iPad 2 and the rumored Apple Television.

There is already a long discussion on the integration of the Siri in other iOS devices and in the newly rumored Apple Television which is rumored to be launch in next year with amazing revolutionary technology.