Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Servers Tries To Catch iOS 5 Demand, iCloud Not Available

As we all know and experienced a lot of down time from Apple’s Server while updating to iOS 5, and OS X 10.7.2 update, tomorrow Apple’s server hardly hit with server blowing traffic from all over the world, they just update everything, which they have released back. We have seen numerous software updates with iCloud features, and many of you may face terrible errors while updating your iOS devices to iOS 5.

But now it seems that everything is finally getting back on track after the huge hit by traffic of users all over the world, every users was downloading 400+ mb file, while Apple not only smashed by this terrific traffic some ISP’s too excuse for the outage.  London ISP’s get 50% increase in their internet traffic and almost every bit of their system got hammerd. But now with the new morning it seems that everything is now back on track, if you was facing some errors last night while updating to iOS 5,  try now you will successfully update your device.


There are a few reports out there that there is still issues with iCloud email not connecting to Apple’s servers. Let us know what you’re seeing in the comments.