Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Searching New Manufacturer For Making iPad HD

Just like last few rumors reports from sources, which claims that Apple is about to release a new model of iPad HD that will carry the retina display and all other professional applications, a new rumor report comes from the tables of digitimes that Apple is also searching for the new development company to built its new model of iPad, at the current time Foxconn, is the current and primary company which manufactures the iPad, but now it seems that after explosion incident at their plant, now they have no capacity to manufacture new model.


The new model of iPad is said to be HD, and according to the reports it will carry the Retina Display, and support of running professional applications like Final Cut Pro X and others, it is also reported that Apple is about to launch it in this fall along with the launch of their next generation iPhone 5.The report also suggests that the most likely contenders would be Pegatron technology and Quanta computers. Pegatron is currently responsible for making the iPhone 4 and has reportedly been taken on-board for the manufacturing of the next gen iPhone 5.