Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Apple Says Amazon To Remove iPad From Online Store

Just few hours back we have reported you that Amazon China has hold the sale of iPad in the whole China, due to ongoing dispute between Apple and Proview Technology on the use of “iPad” moniker in the whole China. We have seen that Proview Technology had been trying from many days to put a proper ban on the import and export of the iPad in the China, and therefore, they have started suing resellers that have been offering the device in the China. While Apple itself is still offering the iPad in China through their Online Store listings.
A new report comes from the China suggests that Amazon China has completely pulled the iPad from their online store, and on request to say something about this they told media that Apple had indeed contacted them to remove the iPad from their online store. On this matter, media contacted Proview Technology to know about the latest move of Apple. Proview Technology says they have had no knowledge about this, and further more they have not pressured Apple to remove the listing from the online Amazon Chinese store.

In addition Apple has typically refused to comment on the situation at the time. Amazon Chinese claim that Apple requested them to remove all the pages on the search term “iPad” from their store, while they are still offering accessories to the device holders in China. The report comes from the China blog, M.I.C Gadget, which had previously stated a page on Amazon China featuring the iPad but the page has no “BUY” button.

Here comes the thought-provoking question, if Proview didn’t require Apple to cease online sales, then why Apple makes this move? It sounds a bit controversial, as the device is still listed on Apple’s own Online Store for China.