Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple Rome Est Store Employees Goes On Strike & Protests Again Apple

One of the hard moments comes for the company when their international employees stop working and went on strike right ahead of the upcoming device launch. It appears that some Apple employees go on strike in Rome Apple Retail Store right on the iPhone 4S launch, where everyone is happy for being at least gotten hands on the latest cool device from Apple.

It is reported that some of Apple Rome Est store employees go on strike and protest again the company for their rights. The employees had also closed the store nationwide with their union, as well as distribute strike notice among the customers and other fellow workers. Here is the statement of the employees:

“We work for the apple, but we are the fruit,” reads the official statement prepared by the employees along with Apple and the Cub FLAICA Rome “And ‘a little, in short, the phrase that best describes the situation of workers Apple. The reasons for our protest in a proposal. For several months, we engaged in a confrontation with the company aimed at enhancing the themes that relate to wages, safety, dignity, aspects covered include also the view of our opinion of Apple workers expressed through our representatives on the organization of domestic labor . Here, after a first meeting, the company decided to close like a clam without giving us any kind of explanation, or providing answers in the time agreed that had been fixed by September. We believe that in addition to “good intentions” in ads announced the company can and should do more, by implementing measures that go in that direction. An old saying that “the walls are papered hell of good intentions,” we do not want this to happen even Apple, which is why we are here on strike, to make our demands visible and invite the company to reopen a dialogue, since it no longer responded to our requests for meeting and discussion. We apologize to customers who now will inevitably suffer the inconvenience, but we encourage you to empathize with us and working with our reasons, which are designed to create good working conditions and an even better service for you customers. “ Sorry for poor translation – Google Translation

Until now, we have not heard anything yet about the Apple’s move on this strike, but surely we will keep you updated once we get news from local sources.