Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Rolled Out “Genius” To Apple TV Users

Apple has been working from a long time in the better development of its Apple TV product series, and introduced many new features in the set-top box for the users. Apple TV 2G impresses many tech giants with its grip on quite other works, like someone in the jailbreaking / hacking community turned it into a web server and serves quiet pages through it. However, these day’s Apple is strictly watching all the development and securing the platform.
Genius in AppleTV
In the most recent silent update from Apple, the Apple TV users just got a new section under the hood with the name of “Genius”, a section that is already available in iTunes from a longtime, and suggest users regarding the feature purchases by suggesting similar products to their old purchases. The new section is now available to vast majority of Apple TV users and now suggesting in discovering new video content on their consoles.

The new feature silently comes on your device, just like all the beta testing of the features goes online to the specific location based users. Apple has several times rolled out new features to Apple TV users on location basis but then quickly removes it, and points them under beta testing of new features. As we have reported about the “Genius”, you won’t have to download any new software update on your device or not to perform any new jailbreak on it. You can simply get it under the Apple TV menus, as it comes over the air from the Apple servers.  If your device does not show the new update, check and make sure you have an active internet connection on your device.