Sat. May 28th, 2022

Apple Reveals International iTunes In The Cloud Compatibility

After making a wide wave in the market of media and tech, Apple finally able to get some to make the iTunes Match and iTunes in the Cloud policies clearer for the users. Apple has finally revealed plan of iTunes Match on which they going to provide services to the World-wide customers. We have seen in the past that Apple had always dropped the support of their features for the U.S outsiders, and only provide the minimum number of features to them. Apple has published a support page on their web carries the clearer information regarding the availability of the iTunes Match and iTunes in Cloud for the rest of the world.

iTunes In Cloud

Apple has published a long detailed document on their website, carries the all details about the availability of certain iTunes Match and iTunes in Cloud features in each country. The page showing the complete detail regarding the features enable in the country, just like U.S. It shows that U.S customers can avail all types of offered services from Apple under the iTunes Match subscription or the basic iTunes in Cloud through Apple’s iCloud. U.S users are able to re-download everything that they have synced with their iTunes in Cloud, like music, TV shows, music, videos, apps and books from the iTunes Store of any device attached with their account. It appears Apple is also pretty kind on the UK, Canada and Australia users as well, and offered all the same services to them. While the rest of the world seems to be unlucky there and under the control of different media licenses, therefore, Apple has yet to offer all the services to them.
Apple has made the basic services available for the entire world, like re-downloading of Apps and Books from the iTunes Store from any device attached with the purchasing account. The new support document also specifies the countries that have access on the Apple’s newly launched iTunes Match. The document is worth check to clear up the current going confusion with Apple’s iTunes Match and iTunes in Cloud availability.


iTunes in the Cloud Support Document – [Link]