Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple Retail Store Uses Local Mac Pro Server To Deliver OS X Lion To Customers

As it was already reported several times in the series of some recent news regarding OS X Lion that Apple will host an event on the launch of OS X Lion where they will invite some users to download Mac OS X Lion into their retail stores and offer users a limited broadband access to the users to get their hands on latest OS X Lion. Last night it was also claimed by the sources that Apple Retail Stores got hard drives loaded with the Golden Master build of OS X Lion installation images for the demo Mac’s. In addition to the report now it is reported that Apple Retail stores has also receive new maxed out Mac Pro machines, which will be uses as a local cache server and use during the download of OS X Lion on Apple Store.

According to the folks over 9to5mac claims that these server will be used for local caching of OS X Lion for the customers, they also expand their last claim and reports that received hard drives contains three partitions versions of OS X Lion: Normal, Pro, and Joint Venture. It is reported that these different versions will be installed on the base of machine present at the Retail Store, on normal demo machines they will install normal version of OS X Lion and on higher-end machines they will surely install Pro version of OS X Lion.