Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Apple Retail Store In North Carolina Robbed By Apple Store Employee

Just a couple of minutes ago, we came across to know that something is buzzing around the Apple’s Retail Store in North Carolina. We have just hit the sources present at the store and come to know that some Apple employee robbed the Apple Retail Store for more than $16,000 worth iPhones from the Apple Retail Store. It is reported that North Carolina Police is now seeking for an Apple employee in the state who believed to be swiped out $16,000 worth iPhones from the retail store.
apple retail store robbed
According to the report from the local media, we have heard that the incident doesn’t happen today, instead the employee swiped out iPhones from Retail Store few weeks ago, and today the other employee at the store came to know about the robbery and quickly registered the complain to police through the online complaint system of the North Carolina Police. It is reported that the employee stole 22 16GB iPhone 4S models, one 64 GB model, one 8 GB iPhone 4 model, and one 32 GB iPhone 4S model from the Apple Retail Store.

As per reported by Police in depth, the Retail Store management reported that the robbery happened between last 5 or more weeks, and this week they came to know about the whole scene, and then they have reported the police, and now waiting for the police to trace down the employee who is accused of this robbery.

The Apple Retail Store is placed in Northlake Mall, and the retail store was opened in August of last year, 2011, and numbered as the second retail store in the town right after the SouthPark store.