Wed. May 25th, 2022

Apple Retail Employees Training For iOS 5 And iCloud To Be Completed By The End Of September

Few weeks back Apple started a training session for its Retail Store Staff in iOS 5 and iCloud. Apple started the training session due to the launch of iOS 5 and iCloud this fall. iOS 5 and iCloud were announced back at this years WWDC 2011.

The time is closing by ad days are going down for the release of iOS 5 and iCloud. That’s why Apple has started to put it employees on a fast track and told them to learn all about iOS 5 and iCloud. The launch is expected to debut in October, means the next month. This is further confirmed by cultofmac.

Cultofmac says that:

According to one of our sources, corporate managers are currently visiting select Apple Retail stores ahead of a prospective October launch of the next iPhone.

Apple is still quiet about its upcoming products, but these corporate managers visit is telling the Apple Store Employees to get their RetailMe courses on iOS 5 and iCloud completed by the end of September.

RetailMe is Apple’s proprietary in-house communications and training client, which offers bulletins, information about products and training videos for retail employees.

It is also hinted that Apple might be releasing an iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5 due to some design issues. What ever Apple may be releasing, will be coming in October. So mark up your calendars for the launched to be made in October.