Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Apple Removes The Monthly Subscription Game From Apple Store

It’s just a day ago, we have reported about the existence of the Apple’s new iOS games subscription method with Big Fish Games The monthly subscription method carries numerous of Big Fish Games titles, similar to the model that was currently only exclusive available to the news publication and Newsstand publishers. It appears that after a day of subscription method app release in the App Store, Apple has removed the application from the App Store without any notice to the game publisher.

Big Fish Games reported that they have worked for weeks with Apple’s Store team to release the subscription method in the App Store, and their application actually got the approval from the App Store. According to the team of Big Fish Games, Apple has even approved their press release regarding the launch of the game.

The subscription method they introduced in the app was a user able to purchase the subscription through a dedicated app on their device and access the number of games title through the application for a month or on the period of subscription.

However, Apple has yet to announce anything about the removal of the app from the App Store. It seems that Apple has to delay the launch of this role model until some other games provider does not agree with this method in the Apple Store, reportedly Apple still earning 30% income from the iOS Games subscription method.


VIA: Bloomberg