Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Confirms The Use Of Carrier’s IQ, Plans To Remove It With Software Update

Carrier IQ’s tracking software inside the every next smartphone has just revealed the dark side of the advanced technology which does not bother you to inform while logging your every next detail on your device, and as well as the key stores likely a silent killer rests inside your most loving devices. The recent news just confirms us that Apple’s has been also using the Carrier IQ software in their device but doesn’t  baked it strictly inside the hardware, and still its in the hands of the users to disable it. As the presence of the Carrier’s IQ software in the iPhone is discovered by jailbreak app developer Chpwn.

Apple has just issued a statement clearing that they have used the Carrier IQ’s network diagnostic software in the past devices, and recently planned to drops it supports from their future iOS updates. However, the integration of the Carrier’s IQ software does not logssuch keystrokes or does not send out any confidential information of the users to them. They have just cleared to their customers that they are still there and protects their privacy.


Full Statement:


We stopped supporting CarrierIQ with iOS 5 in most of our products and will remove it completely in a future software update. With any diagnostic data sent to Apple, customers must actively opt-in to share this information, and if they do, the data is sent in an anonymous and encrypted form and does not include any personal information. We never recorded keystrokes, messages or any other personal information for diagnostic data and have no plans to ever do so.