Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Reminds MobileMe Users To Migrate Their Accounts To iCloud

On the announcement of iCloud, last year, Apple announced that the company was going to halt the signups of the MobileMe services, and suggests users to join Apple services with iCloud. A service that allows you to backup your device content on Apple’s offered service servers to the users. The service went live with the launch of iOS 5 public launch, and until now, the service has greeted many millions of the users, as Apple has tricked users to join the service on the start-up of iOS 5 device settings.

However, last year Apple also announced the dead-line of MobileMe services, and said users to migrate from their MobileMe users to iCloud, and discontinue using the services. Moreover, Apple didn’t charge MobileMe users for the paid services, and gives a time of a year to think about the Apple’s proposal. It appears that time just came, and Apple is once again started reminding the users to migrate their MobileMeaccounts to iCloud service, otherwise they will lose their data on the MobileMe accounts. Apple has just sent out a new reminding email to the MobileMe users, and reminds them to migrate from their accounts to new iCloud services.

iCloud services are just better than MobileMe, as they provide you some extra features on your device, and the best way to share your valued content between your devices with just a second Apple has announced in the email to its users that they will discontinue the MobileMe in June, and before the dead-line, users have to migrate from their accounts to iCloud, otherwise all accounts will be migrated to iCloud without any permission of the users.

iCloud provides you new syncing in cloud feature to your device, and allows you to share your documents with your Mac or Windows machines, as well as with other connected iPhones or iPad with just a single tap, as well as allows you to take a backup of your device on cloud.