Wed. May 25th, 2022

Apple Releases iCloud TV Let You Re-Download Of Purchased TV Shows

Today Apple comes up with some minor but effective software updates for its Apple TV, releases iOS 4.3.3 and many features. Along with new software updates, Apple has also kicks out the iCloud TV in the update of U.S iTunes Video Store, with this update of iCloud TV now users can re-download their recently purchased TV Shows, and can stream them on their Apple TV again, the new feature can be accessed by visiting the iTunes Store’s “Purchased Tab” on iTunes Mac or Windows, same like we are already doing with Music, Apps and Books. Currently Apple only kicks out the this feature of iCloud to mobile and tablet devices, which allow users to download purchased Apps, Games, Music and Books.

Late night today, Apple kicked out this new feature of re-download of live TV Shows and other video content. Apple has also scheduled to publicly launch the iCloud in this fall along with iOS 5 and may be iPhone 5. So what’s next? Movies?