Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Releases Find My Friends For iOS 5 (Download Now)

Apple has just releases the new social networking app based on users location “Find My Friend” as they have announced it on the iPhone 4S announcement event, the new App is available in the AppStore to download and setup. It comes as a part of the Apple’s new iCloud and works on all iOS 5 devices.

Find My Friend is location based social network application that helps you to locate your friend on map by using its device GPS, you can track your friend on the map as well as you can also share your current location with your friends. The new service will be integrated with Contacts and Maps of iOS 5, Apple releases this new location based social network apps to help in making new friends and to find a better route and place.

Don’t act like a dumb on hearing this news, obviously this new Find My Friend from Apple comes up with a great privacy wall, which helps you in making your privacy strong. The application also features the temporary sharing of location with your friends for a limited period time such as for hours, days or weeks. You can also turn off and on this location sharing on the app.

You can install Find My Friends by visiting iCloud.com on an iOS device,Download Find My Friends [iTunes Link]