Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Apple Released New Time Capsule With 3TB and 2TB Storage

Last night it was predicted that Apple may launch the updated Time Capsule today with the capacity of 2Tb and 3TB, so the rumor becomes the reality and Apple has released the new and updated version of Time Capsule with the capacity of 2TB and 3TB. In the image of Time Capsule they didn’t mention any new feature of running iOS custom based OS and the feature of caching software capabilities, this time all things were remain unknown and at the time of writing there is no press release out yet and Apple’s website seems to be under an update.

The launch page of Time Capsule also clears the recent rumors which claims that Apple will change wireless chip in new Time Capsule’s, page clearly shows that the new version will feature 802.11n wireless like previous versions with simultaneous dual band operation and the compatibility of Mac / PC. The product page of Apple states it “starts at $299”, more details coming soon because the website has not been updated yet with the entries of new models.