Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Apple Released New Java Update To Remove Flashback Malware

In a fight with Mac OS X famous Flashback Trojan, Apple announced recently that they would launch a new tool or update to its existing tools to remove the Flashback malware from the infected machines, and as well as they have contacted with ISP’s all over the world to block the Flashback bot-net network around the half-million affected Mac OS running machines. Apple has already released two Java updates to Mac OS users to fix the few exploits in Java Runtime, which allows the Trojan to land on your Mac machine and take control over the machine without your knowledge.

remove flashback malware
However, today it is reported that Apple has seeded an another Java Runtime update for Mac OS X users who remove the very known variants of the Flashback malware from the affected machines, and also protect the machine from other future attacks from the flashback Trojan. The new Java update removes the flashback malware from your Mac running machines, and as well as disables the automatic execution of Java applets on the Mac OS running machines. If the malware again tries to enable the automatic execution of the Java applets, it will be automatically detected and removed from the machine, and as well as the automatic execution will also be disable again.

It was reported by the security research firms that more than 600,000 Mac machines were infected by the Flashback Trojan on the sky, and these machines are connecting with the host server through the hidden tweets on Twitter. However, now the Mac machines are seemed to be protected again with new security measures, as F-Secure quickly jumps on the scene and launched the couple of tweaks, and tools to detect and remove these malwares from the affected machines.

The new Java Runtime update for Mac OS is available to download, and it is also seeded to Mac OS machines through the Software Update.