Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple Reveals iTunes U Application For iOS, Same UI As iBooks

While showing the newer iBooks 2 and iBooks Author to the media at the education-focused event at NYC, Apple has launched a new look of their iTunes U program, a new application for the iOS users which targets the teachers and students in a different sense. Apple’s vice president Eddy Cue, told the press that Apple has served more than 700 million downloads of their iTunes U, and with new application going to help the teachers at a next level. The iTunes U program is present their in iTunes from years, and carries a lot of stuff in it basis on the subscription model. Cue reveals the brand-new application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch named iTunes U, which come with aim to provide you any course anywhere.

iTunes U for iPad

The new application also comes up with beautiful woody colored graphics layout and seems to look like an iBooks application for the iOS devices, and aims to provide different bundles of features to the teachers, including the feature of seeding customize topics, and allows you to post messages to the students attending the class and using their iOS device to attend the lecture. The new iTunes U for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch also allow you to stream the past lectures to the students on-deman, and as well as allow them to download the content on their device for later and offline usage. Apple has made all the support information available on its website portion targeting the iTunes U program.

iTunes U App for iPhone

The new iTunes U app for the iOS devices allow teachers to manage their lectures at the universities, and already many universities adopted the iPad to stream their lectures to the students instead of using different books and techniques to deliver the content to students. The iTunes U application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is currently available in the App Store for free of cost; you can download the application on your device and can now sign up to the device with having leg in K 12 grade.