Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple Released iAd Producer 2.1, With Ability To Integrate Twitter In Ads

Apple has just released a new update to its iAd Producer tool that allows iOS programmers to fill up their applications and games with the Apple running advertising platform for the iPhone and other iOS devices. Earlier this week, it was reported that Apple made some changes to its iAd policies in the favor of developers, and announced that they would not charge any extra bug on the earnings from the iAd platform. It is reported that iAd Platform is not growing as Apple expected, and soon might be closed by Apple, if it didn’t work properly.


However, in the meantime, Apple has released an update to its current iAd Producer, a suit to design new advertising for the iOS devices. The new iAd Producer version 2.1 is feature’s number of enhancement, and works quite faster than the older version of iAd Producer. The new iAd Producer tool is now capable to loads and save the file much quicker than older version, and moreover, now uses less device memory during the production level.

This update contains various improvements and fixes that:
• Provide improved load and save performance for iAd projects
• Improve the performance of exported ad units
• Facilitate better pre-load behavior for assets in exported ad units
• Allow ad upload and testing with iOS devices connected via USB
• Reduce device memory usage for image views
• Enable use of image sprites
• Provide support for on-device debugging
• Enable Twitter integration in iAd content
• Simplify visualization of animations by providing an onion-skinning view
• Expand the types of assets that can be imported and managed in the asset library to include common document types
• Support the new media object in iAd JS
• Provide support for integration of WebGL assets in iAd content
• Extend device support to include The New iPad

The new iAd Producer 2.1 also extends its support for the new third-generation iPad, and now let advertisers to make their iAd retina-enabled for the Retina Display devices. It also now supports and uses WebGL assets. However, the most interesting and major feature of new iAd Producer is the ability to integrate Twitter into their iAd advertisements. In directly, it represents the close contract and partnership of both companies, earlier last year, Apple integrates the twitter deeply into its iOS and this year, they have announced the integration of Twitter over the iAd’s