Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple Released Configurator For Mac To Mass Configure and Deploy iOS Devices

We are already very well known from the iOS devices popularity in different fields, and the as well as the massive popularity of the iPad series in the education and business field. We have been daily reporting you about the adoption of iOS devices into some institute or by some government department. It looks that iOS devices is now the future of the technology, as the Apple’s iOS devices have completely killed the RIM’s BlackBerry in many fields, and many business institutes have already kicked off the old generation smartphones from their networks. However, until now, there was not a single tool available by Apple to manage the iOS devices at enterprise rank or mange the iOS applications in iOS devices at some group or company level.

It is reported that while following the today’s massive application update and launch; Apple has also launched a new application tool for the Mac that allows users to manage a number of iOS devices at once from the tool directly instead of setting up the device’s individually. Apple has just released a new tool called “Apple Configurator” that allow anyone in the IT field to mass configure and deploy the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad in different institutes such as school, business, or some bank architecture. It simply allows you to manage all the device right from a single tool, and allows you to easily install the couple of enterprise apps in the different devices at one; moreover, it allows IT managers to control the use of the device form the remote management on the device.

Apple has released the “Apple Configurator” initially for the Mac OS users, and it appears that Apple has no plans to expand its new tool compatibility to Windows because in the past, we have already seen many applications and tool’s limitation to the Mac OS platform. The Apple Configurator is currently available in the Mac App Store for free of cost; you can download the tool from this direct link. [Direct Link]