Fri. May 27th, 2022

Apple Release iTunes 10.5 For Windows / Mac (Download Now)

Apple has just releases the final version of iTunes 10.5 for  Mac OS and Windows. iTunes 10.5 final version is now available to download for all, after lots of beta versions. The new iTunes 10.5 finall version allows you to upgrade your iOS device to the Apple’s new iOS 5. iTunes 10.5 also allows you to perform Wifi Syncing with your device, which means you not have to connet yor device with iTunes 10.5

iTunes 10.5 For Windows & Mac


iTunes 10.5 also enables iTunes Match which is music service by Apple based on iCloud. iTunes Match is launching in the United States at the end of October. Apple also announced last week at the iPhone 4S announcement event that they will release the iOS 5 tomorrow on October 12th, ahead of the iPhone 4S. iTunes 10.5 will only allows you to restore or update your device to Apple’s new iOS 5, you can download the final version of the iTunes from Apple’s Official Website.