Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Apple Reinventing The iPhone With “Apple A8” Dual-Core Processor?

Apple iPhone 5’s use of Qualcomm baseband chip products, listing of scheduled Q2, Qualcomm to use the flip-chip substrates mainly Kinsus and SEMCO (Samsung Electro) procurement, Kinsus have the opportunity to get orders in a quarter. Corporate estimates, King is expected to get 3 to 4 large flip-chip substrates into orders, the iPhone, iPad inject other 2 products, about 5 to 800 million yuan contribution.

The existing A8-based Apple A4 chip is a single 1GHz processsor, with memory and graphics chips sandwiched inside the same die as the processor itself. However, Apple has been expected to move to a multi-core chip next year.

Qualcomm sources FC-CSP substrates from Kinsus and South Korea’s Semco, the report said, adding that Kinsus could account for 30-40% of the iPhone 5 orders. Orders are likely to land toward the end of the current quarter, reports claim, as the iPhone 5 seems scheduled to land in Q2.